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Name:London Nights RPG
Birthdate:May 24

L O N D O N • N I G H T S @ I N S A N E J O U R N A L
an original character gpsl rpg

It's 2013, and the world is rapidly changing. And you are going through a rapid change, too; a new beginning, as it were.

Perhaps this new beginning is a second chance for you. Perhaps this new beginning is is you actually running away from something you don't want to face. Perhaps this new beginning was thrust on you without you having any say in it. Perhaps London itself is your new beginning; and people have all sorts of reasons to moving somewhere new.

Perhaps this new beginning is a good one for you. Perhaps it's a bad one. Or perhaps you haven't worked that out yet.

Whatever change it is you're going through, this is what is going to unite you with random people you meet in London: they, too, will facing new beginnings of their own.

What's your new beginning?

§ § §

This is an old-school role-playing game.

To be part of London Nights, you MUST have a passion for writing. There will be NO "[action]" role-playing, no one-lining and no lazy writing. This is also not a celebrity PB game, nor is it a game that puts more emphasis on PBs than on quality of role-play.

London Nights will not aim to be a big game; rather, it will aim to be a small, dedicated community of writers who will collaborate on story lines and plots together. Fun memes and games will also be posted regularly to keep people active and interested.

If you are dedicated to creating good, solid, plot-filled story lines with interesting and well-developed original characters and people who are passionate about storytelling and writing, this is the game for you.

§ § §

Gaming will start at five players.


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